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Energy saving tips

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How to make your home more energy efficient

It’s important to feel comfortable at home. But let’s face it, we still need to keep tabs on how much we’re spending. Here are some tips to help you save money and energy.



Lighting can make up 11% of your annual energy costs. You should be looking for ways to reduce this and save yourself money. Thankfully, there are some small changes that can help.

  • Let the daylight in and reduce unnecessary lighting where possible. It’s energy efficient and, best of all, it’s free.
  • Use sensors and timers to better manage lighting strength and duration. So your lights come on at appropriate hours.
  • Invest in CFL (compact fluorescent light) lightbulbs which are 80% more efficient than standard bulbs and LEDs are even better. 

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers are big energy guzzlers. An hour of use can cost you £1.14. Here are some pro tips to shorten your drying time.

  • Try to lessen your use by washing clothes in the evening and using a drying rack overnight.
  • Pre-tumbling gets as much moisture as possible out of clothes by using your washing machine's spin cycle.
  • Clean your filter between every use and untangle clothes and bedding as you go to boost efficiency.
  • Use dry balls or a tennis ball to reduce your drying time by up to 25%.


Whether you’re a maestro of the microwave or a master chef, you probably spend some time in the kitchen. Here are some tips to get appliance savvy to save energy.

  • Use the microwave (typically 8p per day) instead of the oven (typically 87p per day).
  • Use correct-sized lids on saucepans to speed up cooking time.
  • Switch off your oven 10 mins early, it should retain its heat.


Small changes make a big difference

Why spend any more on your electricity bills than you need to? You don’t need to make sweeping changes to your lifestyle to save some money. Some subtle tweaks to your daily routine will help you save energy, which is great news for your bank balance.

  • Opt for showers over baths. Showers are 5 times more energy efficient.
  • Have your boiler serviced regularly. Making sure it’s working at its best, which not only means that it’s safer, but that it’s as efficient as possible.
  • Turn non-essentials off at the plug and avoid standby modes.
  • Take advantage of online billing via Energy Online. Giving you more control over your account, saving you up to £60 per year.

Working from home

What is the best way to reduce energy when working from home? There are some quick and simple ways to reduce your working from home energy use.

  • Turn off plugs and use energy saving mode on your laptop or computer.
  • Use a flask to cut down on kettle boiling.
  • Turn the thermostat and layer up – 1 degree less could cut your overall heating usage by up to 10%.
  • Bleed radiators to maximise their efficiency and turn them off in unused rooms.

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