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Christmas energy saving tips

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Christmas is an expensive time of year, so stay in control of your electricity bill this season with our top 10 energy saving tips from the Energy Saving Trust:

1. Switch off Standby Did you know items running on standby, such as TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles account for around 10% of a typical home’s electricity bill? Turn off appliances at the plug as part of your daily routine and if you are away overnight or going on holiday.

2. Switch to LED Christmas Lights When decorating your Christmas tree and house, switch from conventional to LED Christmas lights to reduce your energy consumption by 90%!

3. Use fibre optic decorations Fiber optic trees and decorations are the ultimate in energy efficiency. In most cases, they use a single light bulb located in the base of the unit to light the entire decoration!

4. Turn off room lights when tree is lit If your Christmas tree lights are on, turn off your main room lights to maximise the lighting effect. Turn your Christmas lights off when you go out, and when you go to bed.

5. Invest in Rechargeable Batteries and a Charger Buy yourself some rechargeable batteries and a charger so that all those new toys keep working beyond Boxing Day!

6. Don’t charge electrical appliances unnecessarily Be conscious not to leave electrical appliances charging unnecessarily, e.g. laptops, mobile phones, handheld games consoles etc.

7. Keep in the heat Make sure that radiators are not obstructed by decorations, Christmas trees or re-arranged furniture, as it reduces the heat radiated. At dusk, close your curtains to stop heat escaping through the windows.

8. Turn your thermostat down when you have guests. Extra bodies in the house means extra warmth at no cost to you!

9. Cook smart The holiday season is a big time for cooking. Keep lids on pots - food cooks faster which means less energy is used. Make the most of your oven and the energy that goes into heating it, by cooking several dishes at once.

10. Watch your water It’s easy to forget with all the festivities going on, that using a bowl to wash up rather than running a tap and filling the dishwasher fully before putting it on, is always more energy efficient.

Source: Energy Saving Trust

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