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Creightons Group switches to Green Energy

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Switched on to Green Energy: Ian Fraser, Key Account Manager at Power NI is pictured alongside Andrew Porter, Group Manager at Creightons Group

South Belfast based convenience retail and forecourt business, Creightons Group, has signed up to a Green Energy contract with Power NI.

The switch to electricity generated by local, 100% renewable sources will enable the family-owned company to annually save approximately 600 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Power NI, is supplying Creightons locations at Finaghy, Blacks Road and Balmoral with over two gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity - the equivalent of powering around 625 average households in Northern Ireland each year. Power NI supplies around 40,000 businesses across NI with over 55 GWh of electricity provided as Green Energy.

Ian Fraser, Key Account Manager at Power NI, says, “Sustainability values are hugely important, to us and to Creighton Group, and we’re pleased to help further reduce carbon emissions with 100% Green Energy. Power NI offers tailored contracts which can competitively meet the electricity needs of clients such as Creightons, who are a large energy user, across their three forecourt sites, garage, autostore and vehicle recovery service.”

Creightons Group Manager, Andrew Porter, explains why the business made the change to renewable energy: “We had already invested in a range of sustainable solutions including converting fully to LED lighting as well as using biodegradable packaging and compostable coffee cups. Therefore, the move to Green Energy was a natural progression.

Power NI’s Ian Fraser continues, “As part of our ongoing commitment to renewables and sustainability, we want to encourage and support business customers to take the first step towards reducing their impact on climate change by choosing to be powered by Green Energy and we’re glad to help them on that journey.”

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