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Energy Saving Week 2021

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Power NI is delighted to celebrate Monday 1st February 2021 as Energy Saving Week, focused on the importance of energy efficiency at home and the steps that our customers can take to save money and energy

To kick off the week, we’ve compiled a list simple and effective tips to help households save energy, reduce their bills, and limit the impact of our energy use on the environment.


  • LEDs are the most energy efficient bulbs you can buy, followed by energy saving bulbs. Whilst halogen bulbs can still be bought in the UK, they have much lower efficiencies than their LED or energy saving equivalents.
  • Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. If you switch a light off for just a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again. This will save you around £16.21 a year on your annual energy bills.
  • Replace your bulbs as and when you can with energy efficient LEDs

Washing and Drying

  • Setting your washing machine to wash at 30 degrees rather than higher temperatures will save around £8.58 a year on energy bills and around 14 kg of carbon dioxide.
  • Setting your washing machine to wash at 30 degrees uses around 57% less electricity than washing at higher temperatures.
  • You can save on your electricity bill, and CO2 in emissions, by line drying clothes instead of using a tumble drying during the summer.

Switch It Off

  • Avoiding standby and turning appliances off when you’re not using them could save £33.37 and up to 60 kg of carbon dioxide ever year6.
  • Turning off your lights when you don't need them could save you around £16.21 on your annual energy bills, and avoid 25 kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Technology & Appliances

  • When turned on tablets use on average 70% less power than laptops.
  • Only filling the kettle up with as much water as you need could save around £6.67 in energy bills a year.

Source: Energy Saving Trust 2021. Based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house, all savings are based on Power NI standard electricity rate (excluding VAT).

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