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Paper bills, who needs them? Go paper free with Power NI, it’s a no-brainer!

Now it’s even easier for small businesses to save money on their Power NI electricity bill.

Now it’s even easier for small businesses to save money on their Power NI electricity bill. Not only do they get 4% discount for paying by Direct Debit, they can go one step further and get an additional 1% discount by opting for paperless online billing. Free up your business from the problems of handling and disposing of excess paper by switching to Energy Online, Power NI’s free online billing service. Instead of waiting for your bill to arrive by snail mail, you get an email sent directly to your inbox. In just a few clicks you can access your online account where up to two years’ bills and payments are organised and stored safely, ready for you to view anytime. Alan Egner, Power NI’s Commercial Sales & Marketing Manager comments: “Reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint are very important issues, no matter the size and type of your business. Energy Online ticks both boxes. It is paper and postage free which means less carbon is used during the production and delivery stages, allowing our customers to do their bit for the environment. As a thank you for going paperless, we are happy to reward our Energy Online customers with extra discount off their bills. “But there’s a lot more to Energy Online than a simple online account service. It has lots of free extra features that make monitoring and managing your energy costs much easier, including the option to compare each bill to the same period during the previous year, and bar charts showing consumption, cost and CO2 emissions for every bill. You can also check your balance and submit meter readings online without ever having to call us. “If you are a larger energy user with a half-hour meter you can get a high definition view of your energy consumption by clicking on the annual, monthly or daily view on the bar charts. If you require your consumption data for insertion into your own energy monitoring software you can easily download the data for selected months as a csv file. “Having multiple sites brings its own challenges but with Energy Online you can easily keep track of your energy costs. Initially you get a summary of total consumption and monetary spend across your whole business for up to two years. You then have the option of viewing the same information for selected individual sites allowing you to compare one location to another, giving you the power to control wastage as well as costs.” After nearly 15 years of competition, Power NI continues to be Northern Ireland’s number one electricity supplier. The company has over 35,000 commercial customers and this year over 900 businesses returned from other suppliers. Customers are assured of local, friendly service and the latest figures released earlier this summer by the Consumer Council NI showed that Power NI received the lowest number of formal complaints per 100,000 customers than any other electricity supplier in NI, for the third year in a row! Alan continues: “Power NI supports all sizes of business in Northern Ireland. Whether you use electricity for lighting, heating, hot water or refrigeration, we are actively contributing to the success of local businesses by providing a competitively priced, reliable supply with various added value services including advice, financial support and special offers on energy saving equipment. We work with industry experts to bring customers a range of grants for the latest energy saving and renewable technologies including lighting, heating, insulation and solar PV. “We pride ourselves on offering great value ways to save energy and money. From listening to our customers we know that this is more important than ever. Conor Keown from Total Produce Ireland, based in Dunmurry, recently told us: “Using Power NI’s Energy Online service helps us to cut down on our carbon footprint as we receive all our bills through our online account rather than through the post. We can also look at exactly how much electricity we use on a daily basis, allowing us to spot wastage easily. I would definitely recommend paperless billing to other businesses as it’s highly convenient and a great way to compare bills.” Alan concludes: “Over 33,000 Power NI customers have activated their Energy Online account and we are getting great feedback. It’s easy for customers to keep a closer eye on their usage, helping cut down on energy bills whilst improving their business’ bottom line. It’s a no-brainer!” (4% Direct Debit discount and 1% Energy Online discount applies to Power NI’s quarterly billed small business and farm tariff customers only. Other discounts apply for larger users on personal contracts.)

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