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Power NI and Newforge Taggers a winning combination

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The leading provider of electricity in Northern Ireland has made a £1,000 donation to support coaches and players at Newforge Taggers RFC through its ‘Brighter Communities’ initiative.

The Belfast club for individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities, will use the money to buy new tag rugby shorts to enhance the playing experience for their members.

Tag rugby is a non-contact version of rugby, in which each player wears a special belt that has two tags attached to it. Instead of being tackled, a player carrying the ball can be ‘tagged’ by having one of these tags removed from their belt by a member in the opposing team.

Tag rugby belts have presented several challenges for Taggers’ players, however, with these coming lose or falling off entirely. This means they need to be reapplied – a process that can often prove difficult for those with fine and gross motor skill challenges – leading to stop-start matches.

Ashleigh O’Neill – the Senior Marketing Executive at Power NI – said: “We are thrilled to support Newforge Taggers Rugby Football Club through our Brighter Communities initiative. 

This club does incredible work in promoting inclusivity and providing opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities to engage in sport. We hope this donation enhances their experience on the field,” added Ashleigh.

Back in May, the club hosted a successful ‘Tag Rugby Blitz’ and welcomed teams from Dublin, Cavan, Portadown, Ballymena, and Ballyclare. Teams competed in a series of friendly matches, allowing players to demonstrate their skills and enjoy the social aspects of the game, and also showcased the spirit of camaraderie – and sportsmanship – Newforge Taggers RFC promotes.  

Nikki Gregg – Newforge Taggers RFC Chairperson – said: “We are delighted to accept the grant of £1000 from Power NI’s Brighter Communities fund. The grant will be used to purchase new training kit for players, ensuring that they maximise training time, train safely and in comfort.” 

Newforge Taggers RFC boasts five teams, including one Under-15 squad and four teams for players over 15-years. As the first all-ability tag rugby club in Ireland and the largest of its kind, it has a long and proud history of promoting inclusivity and sportsmanship. Players return to training in August, with children aged 6 and over and adults with learning disabilities welcome.

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