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Power NI awards Miscarriage Support Group funding

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The Brighter Communities initiative has provided funding to the Miscarriage Association NI Support Group.

Power NI’s Brighter Communities initiative has awarded £1,000 funding to the Miscarriage Association NI Support Group, part of the Northern Ireland pregnancy and baby loss charity collective.

Established in 2019, the group works with other charities and support organisations across Northern Ireland to advocate for and aid those who have suffered miscarriages or baby loss. 

The group runs two support groups in Belfast and Antrim, as well as online sessions, to offer emotional and practical support and give members a space where their feelings and struggles can be shared and understood.

With the funding, the group will be purchasing additional advertising material, such as flyers and posters, as part of a current outreach programme, as well as contributing to the running of the support groups.

Erin Sharkey, who founded the group, says the funding will make a huge difference: “We’re trying very hard at the minute to spread the word on what we do, as we want to make sure that anyone who is affected by miscarriage or baby loss is getting support. 

“The group is open to all who have been affected by miscarriage, and although we aren’t therapists or counsellors, we support each other through shared experiences and empathy.

“Miscarriage is such a lonely and devastating time for so many families every day in Northern Ireland. We’re willing and ready to help in any way we can, and the funding will allow us to create adverts that we can share widely, including with GPs, employers, and other charities.

“We’re grateful for the funding and hope it can help us reach out to as many people in need of help as possible.”

The Brighter Communities funding was first established by Power NI 2018 and since it has donated over £50,000 to groups and projects across Northern Ireland.   
The programme was set up to support innovative and emerging community groups, teams and projects that are working to help their local communities.  

Ashleigh O’Neill from Power NI added: “The role that Erin and the group plays in communities across Northern Ireland is really important in helping those affected by miscarriage. Power NI is proud to champion the work that the Miscarriage Association NI Support Group is doing, and we hope the funding helps the group to reach anyone who is in need of support.”

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