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Power NI campaign to save households money in 2012

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Power NI, the new name for NIE Energy, is providing help and support to customers to save money and energy in 2012 through its Combat Winter initiative.

Power NI, the new name for NIE Energy, is providing help and support to customers to save money and energy in 2012 through its Combat Winter initiative. With expectations of colder and frosty weather in the coming weeks, the Power NI Combat Winter campaign provides customers with practical energy saving information, advice and tips to help reduce bills. This help will not only assist homes stay warm this winter but also lead to financial savings throughout the year. Calling on customers to take action, Aine Bloomer from Power NI added: “Keeping warm is an important issue for many and there are many ways in which customers can save money and energy in a few simple steps. We understand that many households are not as energy efficient as they could be and as a result money could be unnecessarily wasted. People use more energy at this time of year, but by following these small steps it will mean they won’t pay more than is needed to make their homes comfortable.” The Combat Winter campaign offers a number of smart energy saving tips including: • As heating accounts for almost 60% of your annual energy bill, having your boiler serviced regularly will make it more efficient, helping you save money and energy. • Boilers should be serviced annually to ensure they work efficiently and safely. A team of qualified Power NI engineers are equipped to deliver a thorough 15-point check up and repairs service, and also to provide the peace of mind with a service certificate on completion. • By installing cavity wall insulation you could save up to £115 off your energy bill while installing loft insulation could save you up to £150 per year. • Spread the cost of your electricity into smaller monthly payments and save up to £40 a year. Signing up to Quarterly Direct Debit could save you up to £26 a year. Visit for more details. • Upgrade to energy saving light bulbs. They use 80% less electricity, last 10 times longer and typically save around £3 per year. • Avoid leaving devices such as microwaves, TVs, mobile phone chargers or game consoles on standby – they can use up to £100 worth of electricity a year. • Look out for energy labels that show how efficient new appliances are. Buying an ‘A’ rated appliance, costs around £35 less per year to run than ‘E’ rated ones. • Where possible use the energy saving cycles on washing machines and tumble dryers. It will cost less to run, helping you to reduce your energy bill and fight climate change. • Only boil the amount of water you need when using kettles. Saving energy saves you money. Included in the Power NI Combat Winter campaign is an easy-to-use online Home Energy Check service at that evaluates the design, energy needs and existing insulation of each home to generate practical and tailored tips that can help slash energy bills. As part of the Combat Winter campaign, Power NI is offering customers a low-cost package that includes boiler servicing and a carbon monoxide monitor to help keep homes safe this winter. To find out more about his package and for more advice and tips how to save money and energy this winter with Power NI visit or call free on 0800 0321 894*

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