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Power NI to launch first electric vehicle tariff

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Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy company, is the first energy company in Northern Ireland to launch their Electric Vehicle tariff.

The EV Anytime and the EV Nightshift, are for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) who charge their vehicles at home. Power NI Customers can save up to over 20% off their energy bills compared to the standard tariff rate, which is equivalent to over 5,000 free driving miles* when switched to an EV tariff.

There are two new tariffs to choose from which are available from August, to suit individual EV drivers, model range and charging habits. In addition to cost savings, drivers can reduce their carbon footprint as Power NI’s new EV tariffs are powered by 100% renewable** energy.

Power NI’s EV anytime is a single-rate tariff, meaning customers pay the same unit all day with a standing charge, ideal for drivers who notch up a lot of miles and regularly need to charge their vehicles. The EV Nightshift tariff is an off-peak tariff with a standing charge with two different unit rates, one for day-time use and one for night-time use. The EV Nightshift is more economical and catered to drivers who have range to spare and can wait to charge overnight.

William Steele, Director of Customer Solutions at Power NI comments; “At Power NI we are delighted to be the first energy company in Northern Ireland to launch Electric Vehicle tariffs which will provide savings for customers with Electric Vehicles, as well as helping to lower their carbon emissions - as the tariff is being powered by 100% renewable** sources.

“There are almost 5,000 electric vehicles registered in Northern Ireland as of the end of April this year and the demand is growing. As Northern Ireland’s most trusted energy company, we are committed to creating a more sustainable, greener future and are at the forefront of innovative sustainable energy projects in Northern Ireland.”

As well as launching the new green Electric Vehicle tariff, Power NI is part of the Belfast Maritime Consortium led by Artemis Technologies, which is developing a zero-emissions hydrofoil ferry between Belfast and Bangor. Also, through Power NI’s parent company Energia Group, the company recently launched NI’s first hydrogen-powered double decker buses in conjunction with Translink and Wrightbus.

Power NI supplies 55% of the domestic market in Northern Ireland. Electric vehicle tariffs are available to all our customers with plug-in vehicles, whether this is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Self-charging hybrid cars are not eligible for the EV tariffs.

*Calculated on household energy consumption of 3,200 kWh and driving 10,000 miles per year, at 4 miles per kWh (approx. equivalent to a Nissan Leaf) charged at night rate. Comparison of Power NI standard rate and EV Nightshift tariff, when paying by monthly Direct Debit with online billing. **Power NI supports local micro and large-scale generators. Our renewable electricity is achieved through PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) with biomass, wind, photo-voltaic (PV) and hydroelectric generators across Northern Ireland. Power NI's renewable electricity is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates issued by the UK energy regulator, Ofgem.

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