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Power NI shines a light on Employee Talent with Original Play

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A playwright from South Belfast is set to showcase his original work entitled ‘The Painted lady’, thanks to support from his employer Power NI.

Rob Hollway’s work will make its stage debut in Shaftesbury Square at the Accidental Theatre from April 4th – 6th.

The play charts a tale of a brief encounter between two lost souls – one, a withdrawn loner and the other a party girl at the grip of her controlling boyfriend - both on the brink of giving up before they cross paths.

A passionate lover of the arts, the Painted Lady will not only mark the first of Rob’s plays to hit the stage but will see him take on the starring role as Dan, the social recluse. Commenting on the inspiration behind the play, he said:

“The Painted Lady covers underrepresented issues such as alcoholism, mental health and trauma in Northern Ireland. The play is very personal, as even though the main character, Dan, is fictional, I certainly used the clay of my own life to create him. It means a great deal to me to have the support of my colleagues and Power NI itself.”

The play was nominated for the funding through Power NI’s Helping Hands scheme, which encourages staff members to give back to local organisations and causes they are involved in. The £500 worth of funding will cover running costs of the play, such as renting rehearsal spaces and the cost of props.

The support is a further extension of Power NI’s support of the arts in Northern Ireland. In November they announced a sponsorship of the Lyric Theatre’s Kids in Control programme. The programme brings together young people, both disabled and able-bodied, who work together to produce a piece of theatre of their own creation.

‘The Painted Lady’s’ director, Rachel Coffey, added:

“It’s fantastic to see Power NI backing independent productions and local talent, especially within their own company. As this is such a small production, funding like this is really vital to get the play off the ground.”

For more information about the Painted Lady or to purchase tickets, please visit Accidental Theatre

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