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Top tips to help save energy, money and time while working from home

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Most of us are finding that we’re spending more time than normal at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although this could mean savings in some cases, such as on fuel costs and eating out, we’re all probably using more energy than we typically would. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to help save energy and keep the cost of your electricity bills down. 

1.     Cuppa for 1
Only fill the kettle for the amount of cups you need. Not only will it boil much faster, you’ll be able to get back to your desk, or daytime TV, quicker. 

2.     Switch them off
It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people leave lights on in rooms they’re not even in. Take a second look before you leave and switch them off to save money.

3.     Let the sunshine in
By moving your work desk to a place close to a window, you may not even need the lights on at all. Try to choose a space where the natural light floods in, you may be surprised how much this can increase your mood and even productivity.

4.     Unplug it!
We’re all guilty of this one. Sleep mode, standby, screensaver resting face… it’s time to pull the plug on your laptop, TV, tablet, mobile charger. You won’t lose anything; and you’ll save £££’s each year.

5.     Turn down the temp
Fancy saving up to £100 per year*? By turning your thermostat down by as little as one degree you could pocket this saving. Time to turn it down a notch?  

6.     Energy efficient meals
Give your oven the day off. Why not heat up or cook your lunch or dinner in the microwave? It uses less energy, it’s quicker and it’s very convenient.

7.     Think before you print
The golden rule of saving paper (and keeping costs down!) is to think twice if you really need to print. Do you really need to print that document? Could you just email it or save it down?  If you have to print something, try to use a low-energy inkjet printer; it’s kinder to the trees, and softer on your energy bills.

8.     Feeling chilly?
Instead of boosting the heating, stick on an extra layer. It could be your favourite jumper, hoodie or some super-comfy socks… unless you’re Skype-ing or Face-timing, then you’re all set!

9.     Save on heat
If you’re working in just one room, there’s no need to heat your whole home. Turn radiators down or even off in rooms that you’re not in. Or, use a handy portable heater in your workspace so you’re not wasting all that energy elsewhere. 

Manage it all from home
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Sign up to Energy Online our online, paperless billing service and save up to £60* a year, every year. With paperless billing, 24/7 access and a complete breakdown of what you use, it’s better for environment and saves you money too!  Sign up and activate your account today to start saving.


“Source: Energy Saving Trust 2019. Based on turning down a room thermostat from 22 degrees to 21 degrees in the main living areas of a typical three bedroom semi-detached oil heated house, with an electricity tariff of 17.50p/kWh; correct as of September 2019.

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