10,000 Power NI customers use Keypad App

Monday, March 12, 2012

Power NI, the new name for NIE Energy, has today revealed that over 10,000 of its Keypad customers have taken advantage of its Free Keypad App, helping them to ‘top up’ their electricity anywhere and at anytime.

The Free App is available to all of Power NI’s 250,000 Keypad customers. Since its launch in October 2011, customers have been downloading it in record numbers and are able to benefit from a 2.5% discount off all electricity bought.

Outlining the reasons for the success, Power NI’s Kathy Smyth said: “With constant demands on time and pockets, Power NI is focused on how we can make life easier for all of our customers. We know that many customers prefer to be in control of how much they spend on electricity and by moving to a Keypad you can do this easily.

“Customers have praised the simple and straightforward way in which the Free App has been designed, offering step by step points to ensure that with the flick of their thumb they can remove the hassle of paper bills that need paid. We even read out your powercode or email it to you, to help make life as easy as possible” said Kathy.

Power NI’s Keypad customers are among the first in the UK and Ireland to be able to access this type of service. Customers can already purchase electricity using the 24 hour Customer Helpline, at any Post Office, Paypoint, Payzone outlet or online at www.powerni.co.uk

The Power NI app is free and available for download for your iPhone and Android. To download our FREE Keypad app, click here.

Photo caption: Kathy Smyth from Power NI promotes the FREE Keypad App that thousands have already downloaded.