Power NI and Punjana produce the perfect blend of ‘greener’ tea

Monday, June 25, 2012

Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading electricity supplier with over 30,000 business customers, recently announced a major contract success with Punjana.

Power NI has signed a three year deal to supply the Belfast tea producer with ‘green’ electricity from renewable energy sources.

Over the last 80 years, Power NI has become embedded in the local business marketplace, building a reputation as the number one electricity supplier providing real value for money, quality products and services as well as the highest standards of customer service.

The Thompson Family has been blending their award winning tea in Northern Ireland for more than a century, and they continue to create the ‘perfect everyday cuppa’ with over 10 different ranges, including their original Punjana every day tea, specialty teas and now an exclusive ‘Titanic Tea’ range to celebrate the centenary year of the Titanic.

With recent changes in the electricity market, Power NI is ‘back in the game’ offering larger users like Punjana ‘tailor-made’ packages that are even more competitive than before.

Alan Egner, Power NI Business Sales and Marketing Manager commented: “Topping the agenda for companies in these tough economic times is their impact on the environment and need to cut costs where possible.

At Power NI, we offer tailored contracts to businesses, supplying ‘green’ energy produced from renewable sources, which not only helps companies improve their profits but also boost their green credentials.” Greg Earl, Punjana’s Operations Manager commented: “Here at Thompson’s Family Teas, we are proud of our Northern Ireland roots and like Power NI, we have been doing business in Northern Ireland over the long term.Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to our business and producing our perfect award winning blends requires an energy supplier we know and trust.

The ‘green’ energy contract with Power NI means bigger cost savings as well as reducing our carbon footprint - producing, quite literally, greener tea!” “Over 600 businesses have switched back to Power NI in the last year, which we believe is a result of our long standing commitment to our customers, offering products and services that suit their business needs and which more importantly, save them money” added Alan Egner.

To find out how Power NI can help your business save energy, money and cut costs, call 08457 455 455 or log on to www.powerni.co.uk/business

Producing the perfect 'green' tea blend: Alan Egner, Business Sales and Marketing Manager from Power NI (left) joins Greg Earl, Operations Manager from Punjana. Power NI have secured a three year contract with Punjana to supply its site here in Belfast with 'green' electricity from renewable energy sources. Photo by Aurora PA.