Claudy move into pole position!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Power NI's Wilma Stewart and Richard Duff celebrate Claudy Rural Development progressing to the next stage of Quest with Dr. Damian O'Kane and local group members at the Claudy Diamond Centre.

Claudy Rural Development Group has become the first of six local community groups to qualify for step four of Quest, Power NI’s community energy saving competition.

The local group is competing against five other community and voluntary groups from across Northern Ireland in a race to be the first to complete the ten energy saving stages of Quest.

The winning community group will receive £10,000 from Power NI to invest in renewable technologies in their local community. Based in the village’s Diamond Centre, Claudy Rural Development were the first group to successfully identify 20 homes within their community to receive free loft and cavity wall insulation through Power NI, funded by Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP) Loft insulation and cavity wall will help householders keep warm this winter and could also save them up to £265 a year on their home heating bills. Quest continues to make a positive impact in local communities throughout Northern Ireland by providing practical help and support to households and businesses.

Wilma Stewart, Power NI Group mentor said. "Damian and the team at the Diamond Centre have really embraced what Quest is all about, helping the local community become more energy efficient and helping them save money".

The next step of Quest involves keys members of the group taking part in Power NI’s bespoke energy training workshop - this will equip them with the valuable energy saving information and give them the chance to spread their knowledge throughout the wider community.

This expert knowledge will benefit the Claudy residents as they take part in the second half of the Quest competition. On being the first to reach the next stage of Quest, group representative Damian O'Kane said "we are delighted that so many Claudy residents have been able to avail of the wonderful opportunity to properly insulate their homes and thereby greatly reduce their energy costs. We now eagerly look forward to the next stages of Quest and the additional benefits that it will provide right across our community".