Claudy Rural Development is on their way to £10,000

Friday, June 07, 2013

The Quest has started for Claudy Rural Development (CRD) after completing step one of the energy saving challenge. Only nine steps lie between them and the £10,000 prize which they can invest in renewable technology and other energy saving initiatives for their area.

For step one the group had to hold a community meeting with their Power NI mentor, Wilma Stewart who provided them with a presentation on what they can expect throughout the rest of the Quest challenge, the background to Power NI and the benefits of saving energy. 

They can now begin step two of Quest which is completing 100 online Home Energy Checks. Damien O’Kane from CRD says;

"Our aim for this project is to educate and encourage our community to be more energy efficient  and now that we have started this competition we are well on our way to doing so."

Group mentor Wilma Stewart added; "Their community meeting went really well and there was a good turn out. Claudy are very keen to move through the steps quickly which I am sure they will do. I’m looking forward to working with them on the rest of the challenge and I wish them all the best!"

Claudy Rural Development must complete 100 online Home Energy Checks before then can move on to step three.

Picture: Dr. Damien O'Kane of Claudy Rural Development and Wilma Stewart from Power NI at the Quest Community meeting alongside group members.