It's Energy Saving Week

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Power NI is delighted to recognise 30th October - 3rd November as Energy Saving Week, focused on informing our customers on the steps they can take to save money and energy. With winter just around the corner, the temperature is dropping but this doesn’t mean your bills have to be sky high!


Summer feels like a long-forgotten dream and many households up and down the country will be starting the inevitable ‘best time to turn the heating on’ debate, but you can make savings to your bills! By following these helpful tips you could save money, save energy and stay comfortable during the cold winter months.

1. Take our free home energy check!

Answer some simple questions about your home and you’ll also get a free energy report on how energy efficient your home is and the steps you could take to save money and energy

Find out how much you could save


2. Stay away from Standby!

Avoid using standby and turn off devices when they’re not in use. By doing this the average household could save £30 off their annual electricity bills.


3. Turn off the lights!

You could save around £13 a year just by turning off your lights when you don’t need them. The most efficient lighting technology is LEDs and they are available for most types of light fittings.


4. Dry your clothes on the line!

By line drying your clothes during the sunnier days instead of using the tumbler dryer, you could save on average £19 a year on your bills.


5. Choose an A++ rated TV!

A television with a higher energy efficiency rating can save you money off your annual electricity bill. By choosing an A++ rated 40” TV over a B rated 40” TV could save more than £100 over the TV’s lifetime.


6. Replace your old fridge-freezer!

By replacing a 10 year old fridge-freezer with a new model will save on average £22 in energy bills. Choosing an A+++ fridge-freezer over an A+ model will save you around £13 in energy bills.


7. Upgrade your tumble dryer!

You could save £39 a year off your energy bills by choosing an A+++ tumble dryer over a B-rated one.


Find out more about how you could save energy or download our handy guide

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**Source: Energy Saving Trust, 2017.