Power NI gives a Helping Hand to Cancer Foucs

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Power NI gives a ‘helping hand’ to Cancer Focus. Left to right: Teresa Eanneta (Power NI Representative), Joanne Eannetta, Arianna McCrory, Una McGirr, Paula Canning and Sinead Bradley.

Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy supplier, has donated a generous £250 towards ‘A Night at the Races’ themed event for Cancer Focus in Omagh. The £250 came from Power NI’s staff sponsorship scheme called ‘Helping Hands’ whereby employees nominate local charities and community groups that made a difference in their lives.

Power NI employee, Teresa Eannetta, who nominated Cancer Focus to receive the donation, said: "Over the past number of years I have taken advantage of the staff sponsorship scheme to nominate local charities and organisations. For me, it demonstrates the value the company places on their employees. I feel proud to be part of an organisation who has invested so much in the local community."