Save while on your summer holiday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Whether it's a weekend break or an around the world trip, you can save money and energy even when you're not at home by following these top tips!




 Half the fun of a holiday is leaving behind the worries that are normally on your mind the rest of the year so the last thing you want to be thinking about as you're soaking up the sun is how much your energy bill will be because you forgot to turn the heating off! Carry out these simple steps before you go to minimise the energy use in your home.


1.    Turn down the heating

This may be obvious but one of the most important and effective ways to save energy when you’re not at home is to turn down your thermostat. For most people with a combi boiler, turning down the heating will also turn down the hot water but those who don’t will have to remember to do this separately.


2.    Don’t forget the fridge and freezer!

These appliances will continue to guzzle energy and run up your bills while you’re away if you forget about them. Set them a few degrees lower before you leave to reduce your energy bills and if you’re lucky enough to be taking a longer trip, it might be a good idea to empty the fridge, defrost the freezer and turn them both off completely.


3.   Pull the plug

Appliances such TVs, DVD players and games consoles will continue to run up your bills even when they’re on standby. By pulling the plug on all your appliances in your home before you leave can save you some cash, between £50 and £80 a year for the average household.


4.   Control your home from the sun lounger

With smart controls you can take control of the heat of your home remotely via mobile app wherever you are around the world. This means you'll only use energy when you need it and you can ensure returning home after a break in the sun isn’t as painful by warming up your home before you arrive.


5.    Set an automatic timer

It may be tempting to leave a few lights on around the house to make it look like someone’s home but this is a huge waste of money and energy. However a house that looks unoccupied is the perfect target for burglars. Instead, you could invest in an automatic timer that will allow you to set a programme for your lights to switch on to make it look like you’re home as well as saving you money.


6.   Holiday at home

Maybe you’re planning a winter break and not taking a summer holiday but when school's out there may be more people around the house, increasing energy usage. Why not take this opportunity to educate the kids about some simple ways to save energy that can be practiced all year round? This could be unplugging appliances at night or turning down the heating when you’re heading out for the day.