Have a Happy Halloween at home with Power NI Perks!

Monday, October 19, 2020

It may be a little different this year, but Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got lots of ways to make it just as spook-tacular all while saving £££ with Power NI Perks!


Pick out your pumpkin, dig out your best fancy dress costume and treat yourself to a whole host of Halloween perks with Power NI!

Power NI Perks* gives you savings on all sorts of wicked brands, like Argos, Primark, Tesco, M&S and many more.  Just sign in or register to start saving. It’s open to all Power NI customers so if you’re not ‘in the club’, switch today for less to pay!

Pick out your best costume - Save 4% at Tesco

Cute pumpkin or scary skeleton, your favourite Disney character or a famous wizard - get your fancy dress for less with Tesco and Power NI Perks. Take spooky selfies and share online or have a zombie Zoom party with pals

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Go all out on decorating - Save 4% at Sainsburys

Turn your home into a haunted house with wispy spider webs, spooky signs and terrifying table decorations – you’ll have your guests eating out of your hand (just make sure it’s attached!)

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Pick a prize pumpkin - Save 3% at Asda

Carving tools at the ready! Pick your perfect pumpkin, large or small, and cut out the scariest, funniest face, sure to light up your home, your street, and the faces of passers by. The best part is, leftovers can be made into a delicious pumpkin pie!

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Bake spooky treats - Save 7% at M&S

Budding Bake Off fans can roll up their sleeves and create some homemade Halloween treats!  From monster muffins to fangtastic French fries and even edible eyeballs! The only limit is your weird and wonderful imagination!

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Dunk for apples - Save 5% at Iceland

This traditional game is one for all the family. And why stop at apples? Try dunking for oranges, grapes, sultanas… the trickier the better - just make sure you have a towel handy!

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Scary movie marathon - Earn £70 cash back when you sign up to Now TV

Nothing beats a good old scary movie with the family at Halloween. Snuggle up, pour the popcorn, grab a cushion to hide behind and get set to screeeeeeaaaaaammmmm!

Top tip: Save energy by switching your TV off at the plug, not just leaving on standby! 

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Tell gory ghost stories - Save 10% at TheWorks.co.uk

For those brave enough, gather round for ghost stories! Kill the lights and pop a torch under your chin for a chilling and thrilling atmosphere!

Top tip: Switching off the lights makes it spookier and saves energy!

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