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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

For the final week of our packed lunch ideas, Ydele from Our Life At The Whitehouse shares her tasty vegetarian and gluten free recipes your little ones will love!



Vegetarian and Gluten Free

Welcome back to my fourth and final week with Power NI for their Back to School Campaign discussing all the possibilities for our children’s packed lunches.

This time around I’m giving ideas for vegetarians, gluten free children, telling you more about the Power NI Perks* rewards scheme and explaining just how simple it is to become a customer with NI’s leading electricity provider Power NI.

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Although in our household, we are neither vegetarian or gluten free, I feel it’s a perfect opportunity to educate ourselves with the ranges available in the supermarkets. By getting more tips and ideas we can change the cycle of lunches for our own children by making use of the recipes and helping to mix things up.

Many gluten free packed lunches can be minus the bread it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or lacking in substance. Lots of lunch recipes may involve bento box style salads, finger food assortments, and hot lunches brought in food flasks making use of dinner leftovers.

Examples of recipe ideas for gluten free children may include:-

BLT Salad Lunch - bringing in the bacon, lettuce and tomato element helps create the focus of the classic combination so many love and even our children. Putting in little extras such as avocado cubes and some grated cheese only adds to the flavour.

Egg Muffins - so quick and easy to bring together using cupcake trays with the basic ingredients of egg, and milk and then adding in the fillings of choice. Ham, cheese, and tomato again prove to be popular in our home and I may even get away with squeezing in some spinach. There are lots of combinations you can use. Not only are these really nutritious as a breakfast but also for the lunches too.

Grain Free Wraps - so many children enjoy a good wrap that helps fill their tummies. Just because it’s not a regular wheat wrap doesn’t mean it can’t be as tasty and along with the fillers of choice it can be really delicious. Using some tinned fish such as tuna along with some mayonnaise and sweetcorn can also be a good combination.

Salmon Salad Selection Box - putting together a picnic style, finger food approach with different compartments having a mixture of food groups of different colours, flavours, and textures is always very popular with our little ones.

 Some children are brought up in a home where their parents are vegetarians and therefore their food choices will be influenced by them. In simple terms, vegetarians do not eat meat, but there are lots of subcategories that will be broken down by the way people define meat. For instance, besides not eating meat, there will be some who will not consume foods such as dairy, eggs or honey.

Whether a child is following a gluten free diet or a vegetarian diet, paying careful attention to food selections, the ingredients found in foods and their nutritional content is very important to ensure children are getting all that they need to function.

Examples of recipe ideas for vegetarian children may include:-

Pasta bake - brought along in a hot food flask will make this a really nutritious and wholesome lunch for your child. Combining pasta, cheese, mushrooms, courgette, pepper, and tinned tomatoes make this a really tasty lunch dish. A little tip for those children who are a little less than enthusiastic eating vegetables, and I would imagine there are plenty, is to purée them so they cannot be identified. That way they are eating pasta which they love and it’s got an extra special flavour inside.

Sweet potato and lentil curry - depending on whether your child enjoys a more flavoursome palette with a touch of spice this makes a lovely lunch option to be carried warm. With sweet potato, cauliflower, lentils, garlic, ginger and curry powder, this makes a really hearty dish.

Hummus Pitta Picnic - thinking of the containers which are broken into different compartments make this a really enjoyable packed lunch recipe. With some pea hummus, pitta pizza slices for dipping, as well as raw vegetable sticks such as carrots, peppers, and cucumber - it’s a really tasty mix.

Cheesy Stars and Grapes - putting together a sandwich combination of your child’s favourite foods will make them smile and be happy, especially, when they are star shaped. With Philadelphia cheese spread and grapes sliced in half it makes this mixture super tasty

There really are so many lunch options when we think about it and know the foods which can and cannot be used for gluten free and vegetarian. The combinations and mixtures are endless, and probably most important of all is getting your little ones on side and approving of their packed lunch contents. Not only is a reward system of use with our little ones in giving them an incentive to eat up their lunch but it’s also an incentive for us and that’s where Power NI have the priorities of their customers as number one.

I hope you enjoyed this packed lunch series, for more wisdom on what your little ones can bring to school, check out the rest of the my ideas here. When there are already so many pressures and stresses, this year in particular, there is no need for your electricity to be one of those. Save on your monthly payments with the competitive tariff, make savings as you shop for all the food contents needed for your family, and save yourself any more hassle by choosing Power NI.

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