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Power NI rate change

As of 1 April, we have decreased our prices for residential customers. For more information, please visit our pricing page. If you are having difficulty with updating your Keypad to the new rate, visit our contact us section.

Energy efficient cooking with Power NI

Energy efficient cooking is one of many ways that we can reduce energy usage in our homes. With the help of household appliances such as slow cookers, air fryers and microwaves, which on average use less energy than traditional oven and hob cooking along with a few cooking hacks, we can help to make cooking fun and keep energy costs down, which can help everyone save.

Are you looking for energy efficient cooking inspiration? Check out our videos below and get ready to cook more energy efficiently. Ingredients lists and method can be found in the video descriptions on our YouTube channel.

Slow cooker Irish stew

Dump and go slow cooker vegetable soup

Microwave veggie curry

Microwave hazelnut mug cake


Quick air fryer fajita wraps

Crispy air fryer baked potatoes  

Banana muffin mug cake  

Christmas air fryer baked potato