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Compare electricity plans & prices

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Compare electricity plans & prices from NI suppliers – An online guide

Comparing electricity prices will help find the cheapest plans available to you. When comparing electricity prices to look for the cheapest option it is important to consider that your overall customer satisfaction will come from more than simply just the price you pay. Therefore it is a good idea to consider everything a supplier can offer you when making a comparison.

Additional customer products and services which may be important to you include smart technology, customer rewards, green energy or online account management features that make life easier for you. You may also want to research different suppliers and their customer service by reading online reviews or speaking to current customers.

When comparing electricity prices it’s also worth checking the terms and conditions or small print associated with different tariffs. Often introductory offers and switching deals may only last for a contracted period of time and can revert to higher rates at the end of the term. It’s worthwhile checking the overall cost over time and any exit fees or charges if you want to leave before your contract is up.

Why compare electricity prices?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to compare electricity prices:

  • Electricity prices in Northern Ireland are competitive which is good news for customers who now have more choice than ever. When choosing an electricity supplier, considering the overall value for money is important and this includes everything from price to the products, services and customer experience. 
  • Comparing electricity prices across suppliers or starting with different tariffs offered by your current supplier is an easy way to check if you can save money by simply upgrading or switching to a new plan.
  • New electricity deals and tariffs are added frequently so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with any new plans that could save you money or offer additional benefits.
  • Comparing electricity prices will help you make a more informed decision when considering switching to a different supplier. 
  • It costs nothing for you to compare electricity prices and we have a team of energy experts who will help you to do this! You can request a comparative quote online.

How to compare electricity prices in Northern Ireland

You can compare electricity prices in NI online using a number of different resources.

  • Our electricity price comparison tool will allow you to compare our range of electricity plans online, showing you discounts and savings on both bill and Keypad pay as you go plans.
  • The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland and comparison website Power To Switch give an overview of electricity prices from different suppliers. Although take time to read any terms and conditions or small print relating to contracts, exit fees, charges and end of introductory period rates.
  • To help you understand more about how electricity prices are set the Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland outlines the process on their website.
  • A member of our team will be happy to help you compare electricity prices. You can request a comparative quote online now and we will call you back to chat you through a range of options. We can also send any comparisons with other suppliers to you by email or letter so you have all the details you need to make an informed decision.

To request a quote online we will ask for the following information:

  • name,
  • address,
  • meter type (whether you pay by bill or Keypad top up) and
  • a day and time when you are available to chat with one of our energy experts.

Request a quote online now

When is the best time to compare electricity prices?

There is never a bad time to compare electricity prices and make sure you’re getting a good deal. While electricity prices can change at any time throughout the year, your supplier must inform you with at least 28 days notice before your electricity price increases or decreases. More frequently suppliers will add new offers, incentives and deals however these generally tend to be for new customers or run for a limited time period.

When comparing electricity prices it might be helpful to review your electricity bills or annual statement and look at your usage and costs over time. This can help our team provide comparative quotes and calculate an estimate of what your bill might be as a customer on one of our discounted payment plans. Always remember that your usage will impact the overall cost of your electricity, the more energy needed to run your home, the higher your bills or pay as you go top ups will be.

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle then you may want to compare electricity prices specific for electric vehicle tariffs and find a plan that will be cost effective for your charging needs. 

The option to go green with us comes at no extra cost and conscious consumers are helping to protect our environment by selecting green energy on their existing electricity plan. You should check if green energy is available to you and any costs involved when comparing electricity prices from other suppliers.

Remember that if you are currently on a fixed term contract it might be helpful to review the out of contract rates with your supplier, which will apply to you in the months ahead and plan what you will do when your contract ends. When comparing prices, always factor an early exit fee into your calculations. We are delighted to offer customers full flexibility and freedom of choice with no contracts, no exit fees or hidden charges on any of our home energy plans!

Where to find electricity price comparison information

Our price comparison tool is a good place to start comparing prices and plans available for both new and existing customers. If you’re happy with your comparison and recommended plan you can then make the switch online. All the information you need to complete a price comparison and to switch electricity can be found on a recent bill or annual statement. You’ll also need a recent meter reading to open your account and your bank details if you are setting up direct debit.

You can also view information about prices, discounts and savings on our billing information page or on our Keypad pay as you go page.

Other ways to find electricity price comparison information is booking a callback with one of our experts or browsing comparison websites such as the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland who provide free, independent support and advice for all consumers and businesses in Northern Ireland.

Important factors to consider while comparing electricity prices

Price is one of many important factors you should consider when making comparisons between different electricity suppliers. Other aspects you should research include:

1. Customer service
Often the best way to find out about a company is to read reviews online. Check out if the supplier you are researching has a Trustpilot profile, see what their overall review score is and read feedback from customers. Other areas you might find important about customer service are how easy it is to contact the supplier if you have an issue, do they have online account services or a mobile app and also consider how easy it is to find information on their website. Speaking directly to the supplier can give you an indication if they are professional and helpful. Asking friends, family and neighbours can also be a good way to find out more about their own personal experience. When weighing up the pros and cons of electricity suppliers with similar prices, the supplier with the best customer service and track record may actually come out on top.

2. Contracts and exit fees
Exit fees are fees you must pay if you decide to switch supplier before the end of your contract term. Exit fees can be expensive, and can leave you feeling stuck with your electricity provider so you may wish to choose a supplier that has no contracts, ties ins or exit fees. It is useful to calculate how large an impact an exit fee would have and factor this into your price comparison research. However if you don’t intend on switching suppliers before your contract term is over then you won’t need to pay this fee. 

3. Going green 
When comparing electricity prices, you may also want to consider what you can do for the environment and some suppliers now offer the opportunity to choose green energy. Going green shouldn’t cost you extra but it’s worth checking each supplier’s individual terms around this. If having green energy is important to you, it may offset a higher price.

4. Ways to pay
Flexible payment methods that suit your budgeting and lifestyle needs are arguably one of the most important factors when comparing electricity suppliers and their plans, offers and deals. Whilst you may want the cheapest price, it may be helpful to look at the longer term and choose a plan with flexible payment methods, online accounts or mobile apps that make paying a bill or topping up easy and manageable.

Calculating electricity prices

When comparing prices it can be helpful to get an estimate of how much your next bill could be by using our online bill calculator tool. This looks at your usage since your last bill and gives you an indication of the cost. To access our online bill calculator log into our Energy Online account or register here.

If you receive bills by post you can calculate your electricity costs using the following method:

  1. Take a current meter reading and subtract it from the previous meter reading to find out how many units of electricity you have used. Previous meter readings can be found on your bill.
  2. Next multiply the units used by the current unit rate for your tariff which can be found here
  3. Add VAT at 5%. 

Electricity price comparison tools and tips from the experts

Follow these expert tips to give you peace of mind that you’ve found the best supplier and tariff for you.

Price comparison websites are useful as they save you time and effort in simplifying lots of information from different suppliers but heres a few tips to get the best from them:

  • Check they cover Northern Ireland suppliers. Many UK comparison sites don’t include Northern Ireland suppliers and you could spend time comparing plans and prices that are not actually available to you.
  • Review any deals on the supplier’s own website to ensure the information you have read on the price comparison site is accurate and up to date.
  • Read all small print especially regarding introductory offers and switching incentives to ensure there are no surprises with higher costs later down the line.

Remember that it is not all about price!

Although cheap electricity prices are very attractive here’s a quick checklist of the factors that are worth researching when making comparisons between suppliers and should be considered before you switch:

  • How good is their customer service?
  • What do current or previous customers have to say?
  • How easy is it to contact them?
  • Do they offer smart technology?
  • Can you manage your account online?
  • Do they have an app or other facility to help manage your account and make payments?
  • Do they offer green energy from renewable energy sources?
  • Are they trustworthy with a good track record?
  • Are their communications clear and easy to understand?