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Introducing the #HelpfulHack series


Wondering what kind of hacks you can expect from ‘Here to Help’? Well, lots of our content will centre around hacking your existing appliances. For many of us, three of the most-used are: washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. And though we wouldn’t be without them (especially if there are kids at home), they use lots of energy and can cause bills to rise – not ideal during winter, when we already require the heating to be on more frequently. 

Luckily, there are lots of ways to optimise your routine! First up, the dreaded laundry pile. While it can be tempting to throw on a wash just for the satisfaction of emptying the basket (we’ve all been there!), try to wait until you have enough clothes to fill the drum about three quarters full.  

Next, turn that dial from 40 degrees down to 30! Your machine will use less energy as it doesn’t need to heat the water quite so hot, meaning a financial saving for you. And don’t worry; 30 degrees is still sufficient to get your clothes squeaky clean. Finally, if you've opted for an electricity tariff with a cheaper night rate - like our Economy 7 tariff - set your wash to come on after 1am to make the most of these lower costs. It’s worth letting those bigger appliances do their thing while you get some well-earned shut-eye!! 

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That’s just a taster of the kind of content we’ll be sharing across Instagram this winter. Expect hacks and tips in the next few weeks and then, as we approach Christmas, we’ll share some of the cleverest gadgets and smart home appliances on the market – very helpful if you have a tech lover on your present list!  

Be sure to follow along for more #HereToHelp tips. Follow us on Instagram and stay up to date on our website to save energy this winter. And if there’s a #HelpfulHack that you would love to know more about, drop us a DM on Instagram or tag us using #HereToHelp, and we’ll do our best to include that in the upcoming series.