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Account charges

Power NI reserves the right to pass on to customers the following additional charges which are as a result of additional effort and costs are required to manage your account. 

1. In accordance with Schedule 6 Paragraph 7(2)(b) of the Electricity (NI) Order 1992 as amended by the Electricity Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007 Power NI can seek a warrant to access a domestic property to install a Keypad Meter to facilitate debt recovery. A charge of £250.00 (Including VAT) will be added if we have to execute this warrant. 

2. NIE Networks has responsibility for the accuracy and collecting of reads for all customers’ meters. These meters are seldom faulty but if a customer requires the accuracy to be checked Power NI will seek a payment. A charge of £90.00 (Including VAT) in advance of the test being arranged will be charged. We will refund this if the meter is found to be faulty otherwise we will retain this fee. 

3. Power NI will send or make available our bills online as per correspondence details provided. If you require a copy of these a charge of £12.00 (Including VAT) will apply for each copy bill. 

4. Where Power NI require engineers to visit a Commercial customers site where charges billed have not been paid the following additional charges apply: 

(a) Visit by engineer £96.00 (Including VAT).

(b) Visit by an engineer under warrant £250.00 (Including VAT).

5. NIE Networks attempt to read customer meters quarterly. The following charges may apply if a customer requests a meter reading outside of the meter reading cycle: 

(a) Due to a dispute on the engineers meter reading, £56.60 (Excluding VAT) will be applied to the account if the meter reading returned by the engineer is in correlation with the disputed meter reading. 

(b) For reasons other than a dispute of the previous meter reading, a charge of £37.50 (Excluding VAT) will be added to the account. 

6. If a customer requests a change in metering to facilitate a tariff change Power NI reserve the right to charge: 

(a) £323.00 (Excluding VAT) for the installation of a half hourly meter within a commercial premise. 

(b) £122.00 (Excluding VAT) if a meter change appointment has been missed more than twice.