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Power NI rate change

As of 1 April, we have decreased our prices for residential customers. For more information, please visit our pricing page. If you are having difficulty with updating your Keypad to the new rate, visit our contact us section.

Music trust set to be pitch perfect with Power NI support

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Carryduff based music therapy organisation, Every Day Harmony will create its first dedicated ‘Harmony Hub’ thanks in part to grant funding from Power NI.

The group which supports people of all ages throughout Northern Ireland, successfully applied to Power NI’s new for 2018, Brighter Communities funding programme. Each month £1000 is awarded to a local community organisation, club or group which aims to roll out a beneficial initiative or creative project improving the lives of people in the local community.

Every Day Harmony, also known as The Northern Ireland Music Trust, harnesses the power of music to help enhance the lives of children, young people and adults improving cognitive, communication and social skills as well as sensory functions, confidence and self-esteem. Since its inception in 1990, the group has helped thousands of people from children with depression to people who are terminally ill. Every Day Harmony currently has projects set up across Northern Ireland in schools, with special needs children, in hospices and nursing homes and also within prisons. Power NI’s funding is being used to transform an uninspiring room at Every Day Harmony’s East Bank Road base in Carryduff enabling more people to benefit from their range of life enriching music programmes.

Congratulating the team at Every Day Harmony Stephen McCully, Power NI Managing Director said, “Whilst music therapy is an ‘Allied Health Profession’ it doesn’t receive much funding and it’s such a life changer for many people of all ages and with many different health challenges. “By locating this facility at the group’s HQ, music therapists don’t need to travel long distances and can expand and develop the number of group sessions and invite many more attendees to join in and enjoy the huge number of therapeutic benefits music therapy offers.”

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