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Put a little energy into saving money!

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The crisp breeze and colourful leaves can only mean one thing...autumn has officially arrived and soon winter will be upon us!

Although this means a drop in temperature, it doesn't mean your energy bills have to be sky high! There are some things you can do to help keep your energy bills lower as the air turns cooler, including following our eight easy energy saving tips for around your home!

Before we tell you how to save on your energy bill through our energy saving tips, you should first check that you are on one of our discounted energy plans offering discount of up to 6%* on our standard rate.

1. Invest in energy saving light bulbs

Save around £7** every year by replacing a traditional light bulb with a LED light bulb. You’ll also save on the cost of a replacement bulb as LEDs last a lot longer.

2. Keep the draught out and be quids in!

Save around £20** a year and make your home more cosy and comfortable by draught-proofing windows and doors. 

3. Be cool about the washing

Save around £7** a year by using the washing machine at 30 degrees rather than higher temperatures, so you're not pouring money down the drain. 

4. Don't overfill, lower your bill

Tea for two? Then only fill the kettle for two! By only using as much water as you need you could save around £6** every year. 

5. Shorten your shower, save power

Save up to £19** a year by spending just one less minute in your electric shower each day. If everyone did this in a four-person family that would mean a saving of nearly £76 a year off your electricity bill!

6. Don't standby, switch off

Save around £30** a year by switching off your TV and other appliances at the mains rather than leaving them on standby. That's literally saving money at the flick of a switch!

7. Choose wisely

Buying a new telly? Check its energy stats. An A++ rated 40-inch TV will save around £230 over its lifetime*** compared to a less efficient model. We know you get the picture!

8. Pull the plug

And finally, games consoles use a lot of electricity over a year, typically £34* each! This can really stack up if you have more than one, so remember to switch them off when it's 'game over' and avoid leaving them on standby. 

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