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Support 2Gether group receives funding from Power NI to support new mums

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Support 2Gether group welcomes a £300 community grant from Power NI, Northern Ireland's leading energy supplier.

The Omagh based organisation was nominated to receive the community funding by Power NI employee, Dorothy Hannigan as a part of the company's staff sponsorship scheme ‘Helping Hands’. This is an important initiative that gives employees the opportunity to nominate local groups and organisations to receive the funding. Thanks to the donation, Support 2Gether will purchase fifty mindfulness colouring books which will contribute towards supporting new mums through their journey in what is a very different climate.

Support 2Gether aims to support mothers and families in Co. Tyrone and Fermanagh, experiencing ante and postnatal depression. Mothers and/or families receive support through one to one talking therapy sessions, private counselling, mindfulness, coaching and alternative therapies such as reflexology.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Support 2Gether services have not been available to mothers and their families.

Anxiety and postnatal depression are always a cause for concern but even more so in the current environment of isolation and uncertainty. The mindfulness colouring books are just one way of helping to give structure and support to vulnerable mothers at this time.

At Power NI, we are delighted to support such a worthy cause and to contribute to the mental wellbeing of those within our local communities.

Grateful for the funding, Dorothy commented:

“This organisation is trying to support new mums through an emotional journey in what is a very difficult time where they do not have access to services that they normally would have during and after pregnancy due to COVID-19 restrictions, many are even unable have that much-needed family support.”

Support 2Gether representative, Una stated:

“The donation we received from the Power NI helping hand scheme meant a lot to our charity. We feel honoured that a member of the Power NI team thought of our cause and spent the time to put us forward for a donation. The money we received will help us publish more S2 mindfulness Colouring In books that were designed by a mother who had availed of our services. The books will be an invaluable gift that we will give out to all Ante/Postnatal mothers who avail of our programmes.”

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