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Important information

It’s important to stay scam aware. Please remember you can always check if emails are legitimate by contacting the organisation directly and asking if they’ve sent them. At Power NI, we are happy for you to contact us if you're ever in doubt. For more information on how to stay safe online, read NI Direct article on online scams.

Sales & marketing code of practice

At Power NI we want to give you the best possible service and as such we want to ensure that your switch to Power NI is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. We place the highest importance in ensuring that we adhere to responsible marketing practices in all our activities – we’ve outlined how we’re doing this below. As further reassurance, the Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland has issued a Marketing Code of Practice to all energy suppliers which we have taken all steps to ensure we are fully compliant with.

Our sales team

We promise that our Sales team will: 

  • Be courteous and professional
  • Answer any questions honestly and to the best of their knowledge, ensuring they do not mislead
  • Always recognise and respect your right to end the conversation at any time
  • Remain fully compliant with all current consumer protection and sales legislation
  • Be fully trained and competent
  • Never take advantage of a person’s inexperience, vulnerability, credulity, loyalties or in any way attempt to restrict their ability to make an informed choice. 

On making contact, our team will identify themselves as soon as possible, whom they represent and their purpose. When calling in person, they will produce an identity card that clearly displays their name, a recent photograph, Power NI contact details and the expiration date of the card. 

Unless previously agreed with you, we will only contact you between 9am – 8pm on weekdays and 9am – 7pm on Saturdays. We will not contact you on Christmas Eve, any Public or Bank Holiday or on Sundays. 

Our team will not approach the residence at any sheltered or supported accommodation without receiving prior approval from the person in authority. 

If you indicate that you do not wish to continue with the contact, we will promptly end the telephone call or the discussion and leave the property.

Giving you peace of mind

At Power NI, we want to ensure that you have peace of mind when making your switch to us. 

We will help you understand all the essential points of your agreement with us to ensure you know what you are committing to. 

We will provide you with: 

  • An explanation of the ‘cooling off’ period and your cancellation rights 
  • Written details of your contract, including unit rates, duration, expected commencement date of supply and terms and conditions.

Responsible sales and marketing

At Power NI we are committed to responsible sales & marketing. We will: 

  • Ensure that all our marketing material is legal, decent, honest, easy to understand and truthful. 
  • Provide you with accurate and transparent representations of both our own and our competitors’ products, services and all related charges, including any or all standing charges.
  • Remain fully compliant with all current relevant consumer protection and sales legislation.
  • Provide you with a method to ‘opt out’ of future marketing activities, and add you to our ‘not for contact’ database if requested.
  • Make you aware of all offer terms and conditions and the offer duration when advertising special promotions or offers. 
  • Never mislead, exploit, pressurise you or in any way restrict your ability to make an informed choice.

Energy consumer checklist

The Utility Regulator has produced a document containing the answers to some frequently asked questions. It can be accessed by clicking here or provided in hard copy by request. You can also download the Power NI Energy Sales Checklist.

Contact us

If you’re unhappy with the service we’ve provided or have any questions we will be more than happy to take your call on 03457 455 455. Alternatively, just email us at [email protected].