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Power NI rate change

As of 1 April, we have decreased our prices for residential customers. For more information, please visit our pricing page. If you are having difficulty with updating your Keypad to the new rate, visit our contact us section.

Green Guardians with Power NI

Welcome to the Green Guardians’ secret base!


We’re calling all future superheroes to help us on our mission to save the planet. The mission is starting now! Are you ready?

First up, it's time to find out who the Green Guardians are.


Who are Green Guardians?

Every day Green Guardians are on a mission to explore our awesome planet and learn to protect it like some of your favourite superheroes do! 

Watch now to find out who the Green Guardians are and how you can join their mission.

Come and explore our energy saving secrets, discover cool animals in your back garden, and learn how to protect our Earth!

You've reached our Green Guardians action-packed activities. Download them now and get ready to explore deeper into the Green Guardians' secret base to uncover more exciting videos and fun facts.

Watch our Green Guardians YouTube series

Pond dipping with Ulster Wildlife

Where does my fruit and veg come from?

How to be a Green Guardian in the house

What is renewable energy?

Ulster wildlife

Our friends at Ulster Wildlife

Ulster wildlife

We’ve joined forces with Ulster Wildlife to help protect our local habitats and the animals that call them home. Find out more about our Ulster Wildlife Partnership.

Ulster Wildlife Partnership