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Billing FAQs

Why did you introduce a new bill design?

We're always listening to our customers and staff on ways we can improve the service Power NI provides. We've taken feedback from research to produce a new and improved bill, with enhanced features to make it simpler and easier to understand.

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Can I still pay my bill the same way?

Yes, you can still continue to pay your bills in the same way. Non-Direct Debit customers' bills have a section displayed on their billed called ‘ways to pay’ which clearly outlines the payment options for paying your bill. The quickest and easiest way to pay bills is by logging into Energy Online...

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Will my Direct Debit amount be deducted as normal from my account?

Yes, there will be no changes to current arrangements.

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Where is the Giro slip?

You’ll find your Giro payment slip at the back of your bill. You can bring this to any bank, Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

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I’ve just received my bill. It looks different than normal- is it legitimate?

Yes, we've refreshed how our bills look. Your bill contains all the same information as before with a number of new and improved features.

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What are the new features of the domestic bill?

In addition to the enhancements, your new bill contains the same information but displayed in an easier to read and follow format. Some of the improved and new features you will find include: meter read label – this tells you if your bill is based on an estimated or actual read visible billing peri...

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