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Billing FAQs

What are the options for paying my bill?

The three main options for paying your bill are Quarterly and Monthly Direct Debit and payment on receipt which is known as standard billing, where you will receive a bill each quarter and payment is required within 14 days.

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When do I have to pay my bill?

The 'payment due date' is indicated on the top of the bill. This is generally 14 days after the bill is produced.

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Can I get a refund?

To request a refund please give us a call on 03457 455 455 and we will review your account. Before your call take a note of your meter reading and preferably a picture, as we will use this to ensure that your account calculations are correct. If you pay by monthly Direct Debit your account will some...

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How can I tell if my bill is estimated?

If your bill is based an estimated reading the letter ‘E’ will be shown beside the meter reading on page 2 of your bill.

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If I receive an estimated bill how can I get an accurate one?

Simply call us 03457 455 455 and provide us with your customer account number and an up-to-date reading. We’ll be happy to process your reading to produce a revised bill for you. Please try to provide us with an accurate reading as soon as possible after you receive your bill.

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Can I view my bill online?

You can view your bill online and access lots of other benefits (including savings of up to £60 per year) by registering for our paperless billing service Energy Online.

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