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Billing FAQs

How do I get a copy of a previous bill?

You can download, save and print your Power NI bills from the last 2 years using our online billing service Energy Online. Simply log in and click ‘My bills/letters’ to view. You can also get in touch with us to request a copy of a previous bill. Please note that there may be a charge for this serv...

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When is my next bill due?

For households we issue a bill every 3 months, including those customers who pay by Monthly Direct Debit. Your bill is normally issued a few days after your meter has been read.

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How do I estimate my next bill?

Our online billing service Energy Online has a handy bill calculator feature which you can use to estimate how much electricity you’ve used to date. If you receive your bill by post then follow these simple steps.

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I have experienced a payment issue. What should I do?

If you recently made a payment on your bill and are concerned that we haven’t received this payment please be aware that bank holidays and public holidays can cause a delay.

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How can I check the balance on my account?

If would like to check the balance on your account, you can do so online by clicking here or by calling us on 03457 455 455 and selecting option 2 ‘bill payment or balance enquiry’.

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How is my bill calculated?

When we receive your meter reading we work out how many units of electricity you have used since the last time your meter was read and multiply this figure by the current unit rate for your tariff. We then deduct any discount and add VAT.

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