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Electric Vehicles

I drive an electric car, which tariff is for me?

It depends on your daily mileage, EV range and lifestyle. 


EV Anytime gives you the best unit rate 24 hours a day with a quarterly standing charge. If you have a long commute, often needing to top-up your range in the evening, or regularly charge your car during the day, the EV Anytime tariff will give you flexibility and the best value.  
EV Nightshift is an off-peak EV tariff. If you regularly have range to spare after your daily driving and you can wait to charge your car overnight, the EV Nightshift tariff is probably for you. To take full advantage of this tariff you should charge during the off-peak hours as much as possible. The best way to do this is to have a programmable home smart charger or be able to programme your car to charge at certain times, to ensure your car charges at the off-peak rate times only.