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Green energy Northern Ireland

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A guide to green electricity plans for your home

What is green electricity?

Green electricity is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydro. What defines a renewable energy source is one that can be replenished at the same rate as it is being used, typically from natural sources like the sun, wind or water.

Green electricity in Northern Ireland which is generated largely by wind is becoming a more popular alternative to non-renewable sources as they are carbon neutral. This means that they do not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and therefore reduce the damage to our environment.

Read more about our green electricity and sustainable solutions.

Green electricity plans explained

Eco Energy
Eco Energy is a 100% green electricity plan for your home. Eco Energy offers customers the opportunity to choose green electricity at no additional cost and with no requirement to make any changes to the terms or payment options with your current home electricity plan. 

When you choose green electricity with us, we commit to source the equivalent of your electricity usage from local renewable generators right here in Northern Ireland.

Eco Energy customers are playing an important role in helping to reduce the demand for fossil fuels as we increase our supply from renewable sources which is helping to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

To become a green electricity customer with us all you need to do is register online and our customer care team will contact you about updating your tariff to go green. When you choose green electricity and become an Eco Energy there are no costs, hidden charges or changes to your current payment plan, we will simply switch your tariff to Eco Energy so that we can source your equivalent electricity consumption from green energy sources. The green electricity we source will come from renewable sources here in Northern Ireland, so this option not only supports a cleaner and more sustainable future but it also supports local too. 

Electric Vehicle Tariff
The Electric Vehicle (EV) tariff is a 100% green electricity plan for electric vehicle owners in NI.

Electric Vehicle owners in Northern Ireland are already playing a part in reducing their carbon emissions and the EV tariff helps to enhance those green credentials even further while offering a cost efficient charging solution too.

The EV tariff is available to customers who own electric vehicles and want an energy plan with 100% green electricity as well as reducing the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home.  When you sign up to an EV tariff your equivalent energy usage will be sourced from 100% renewable generators here in Northern Ireland.
There are two types of EV tariffs available, EV anytime or EV nightshift and both come with green electricity as standard.

EV Anytime
EV Anytime offers green electricity for those EV owners who want the freedom to charge their vehicle at any time of day. This green electricity plan is a great value low cost fixed rate tariff.  If you are an EV owner who needs to keep your car battery charged up for maximum driving range at all times, then this could be the plan for you. 

There are a range of payment options available with this green electricity plan, choose from direct debit, keypad pay as you go or standard bill. Manage your energy with an Energy Online account and download the mobile app for easy payments, top ups and account features at your fingertips!

EV Nightshift
EV Nightshift is a green electricity plan which offers a low cost night rate for EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight. This tariff is best suited to EV owners who commute or use their car mostly during the day and can fully charge the battery during night time hours in order to be ready for travel the following day.

Direct debit and standard billing are the payment options available on this green electricity plan and there are some excellent savings to be made for EV owners opting for this tariff versus standard home energy plan rates.

Green electricity prices 
Green electricity plans come at no additional cost! You can simply choose to go green and upgrade your existing home energy plan to a green energy tariff online. Visit our go green page, complete the quick contact form and a member of our team will call you back to complete your green tariff change. 

If you’re keen to do more for the environment and make savings on your bills too then you can activate Energy Online, the paper-free, online account management option. Registering for online billing means we will issue you your bill, letters or account notifications via your online account, saving paper and postage as a more environmentally friendly way of delivering our service and communicating with you. When you activate your Energy Online account, we will send you email alerts when there is a new bill, letter or account action waiting for you to log in and view. 

For billing customers who activate Energy Online an additional up to 2% online billing discount[1] is available while Keypad customers can avail of free electricity with Keypad Reward[2].

The benefits of choosing a green electricity plan

  • Support local - Guaranteed 100% green electricity sourced from renewable generators right here in Northern Ireland 
  • Protect the planet - You will play an active role in helping the fight against climate change by choosing green electricity from renewable sources which are carbon neutral
  • Make savings - If you are an EV owner you can make savings on your charging costs with a green electricity EV tariff 
  • Be part of something bigger - Every switch to renewable resources makes a contribution to working towards zero carbon emissions, your contribution may seem small but collectively it will have a huge impact

How to switch to a green electricity plan

To switch to green electricity simply register your interest in Eco Energy, our green electricity plan using our online contact form. A member of our energy experts team will call you back  to update your tariff, simple! With one small step you join the growing number of customers helping to protect our planet now and for the future gr with a simple switch you can join the growing numbers making a difference that will benefit generations to come.

New and existing Power NI home energy customers can make the switch to Eco Energy tariff. Our Eco Energy tariff is available to credit and Keypad customers at this time. Eco Energy is not available for Economy 7 customers.

How to compare green energy plans in NI

Green electricity plans in NI are becoming increasingly popular as conscious consumers seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit to be more environmentally friendly so now more than ever is a good time to research green energy options for your home. 

There are a few ways in which you can compare green electricity plans and these include:
  1. Use our price comparison tool or price comparison websites to look for green options. With us, all customers have the option to go green and this comes at no additional cost. Check you’re already getting the best deal online now and upgrade to go green by completing the short online form.
  2. Book a call with our team of energy experts who can do an account health check to see if you are availing of the green energy options and benefits with us. We can also provide energy saving advice to help reduce your home’s consumption and costs.
  3. Read our green energy info pages where you can see detailed information about how our green plans work, prices, ways to pay and how to sign up. Check out our go green page to find out more.

What are the green electricity sources in NI?

The majority of local, green energy in Northern Ireland is generated by wind, but there are small amounts which come from hydro, PV and biomass. 

1. Wind energy
Wind energy is the most common renewable source which generates green electricity to power homes and businesses in Northern Ireland. Wind turbines and wind farms are used to drive generators which then feed electricity into the network. It is possible for some properties to have a wind turbine installed to generate their own green electricity.

2. Solar energy
Solar energy is an increasingly popular way to generate your own green electricity in NI. Although sunlight is one of the most freely available energy resources, the amount of electricity generated can be very much dependent on the season and orientation of your home. It is for this reason that domestic solar electricity generation is more of a supplementary source than the sole source of green electricity for your home. 

3. Biomass energy
Biomass generates green electricity by burning plant materials or agricultural, domestic and industrial waste into fuel. This method allows for green electricity to be generated at lower costs.

Hydro energy

Green electricity from hydro sources is generated by the flow of water in a dam or reservoir driving a turbine to produce power. In Northern Ireland small amounts of green electricity are produced in this way.

Green electricity in NI - The future 

The number of green electricity sources in NI is likely to continue to increase over time as conscious consumers demand sustainability and carbon neutral solutions from electricity suppliers. Over time as more green energy sources are developed, this may drive down the cost but more positively will be the environmental .

*Power NI supports the development of local renewable energy products by buying renewable energy from domestic microgeneration customers as well as from farm-based wine, biomass, small-scale hydroelectric generators and NI wind farms. This provides a direct supply of renewable electricity to Power NI, backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) certificates issues by the UK energy regulator Ofgem.
[1]  Energy Online customers with Monthly direct debit get 4% discount off the Power NI standard rate, up to £10 per quarter equivalent to £40 per year and will receive a further 2% off the Power NI standard rate, up to £5 per quarter equivalent to £20 per year. To view Power NI standard rates please visit our plans & prices page.
Energy Online customers with Quarterly Direct Debit get 2.5% discount off the Power NI standard rate, up to £6.50 per quarter equivalent to £26 per year and will receive a further 2% off the Power NI standard rate, up to £5 per quarter equivalent to £20 per year. To view Power NI standard rates please visit our plans & prices page.
[2]  Keypad customers receive 2.5% discount off the Power NI standard unit rate. Keypad customers do not receive any additional discount for activating Energy Online. Keypad customers can avail of Keypad Reward by topping up online or via the Power NI app. To view Power NI standard rates please visit our plans & prices page.