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Price change

From 1 July we will be increasing our prices for domestic customers. For more information, please visit our pricing information page.


The next generation

We are the power behind the people who deliver positive initiatives and essential services in communities across Northern Ireland.

Go Green

Going green is the future and we are proud to be able to offer our customers 100% renewable energy* right now! Sourced entirely from Northern Ireland renewable generators, when you choose Eco Energy you are supporting local.

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Hit the road with an Electric vehicle tariff

Electric vehicle drivers can now access an exclusive Electric Vehicle tariff options that combines 100% renewable energy* and time of day flexible or fixed pricing to help reduce the costs of charging your car at home.

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Challenging climate change


We have committed to Business in the Community's Climate Action Pledge for Northern Ireland, promising to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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Supporting green generators


Our PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) mean that if you generate large-scale renewable energy (over 50kW) through wind, hydro, landfill, anaerobic digestion or solar technology you are able to sell electricity you generate to us.

For small-scale generators (up to 50kW) Power NI are pleased to purchase exported electricity via the Microgeneration tariff along with ROCs* (Renewable Obligation Certificates) from electricity that is generated from renewable sources.

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