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What are the options for paying my bill?

There are a number of ways you can pay a bill:



Quarterly Direct Debit

Monthly Direct Debit

On receipt of bill


You pay for   what you use each quarter.

The full   amount is taken automatically from your bank account


This is perfect if   you want to spread out the cost of your electricity into smaller equal   monthly payments.

We calculate your   payment amount based on your usage history.

You pay for what you use each quarter via cash, cheque or card.


Please note, all credit cards automatically incur a 1.5% surcharge.

Payment frequency

Quarterly -   your payment will be taken from your bank account 14 days after your bill is produced..

Monthly -   choose a payment date between 1st and 28th each month  to suit you.

Quarterly -   you'll have 14 calendar days from the date on your bill to pay for your   energy.

Your payment amount

This will vary   depending on how much electricity you’ve used in the billing period.

We look at   your historical energy consumption to forecast your costs for the next 12   months. Your set  monthly payment   amount is reviewed to ensure you're paying the right amount for what you use   and you'll be advised if it needs to change.

This will vary   depending on how much electricity you’ve used in the billing period.

Bill or statement

Bill every 3   months

Bill every 3 months

Bill every 3   months

Discount applied



No   discount

Where to pay

Payment   is taken automatically.

Payment   is taken automatically.

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Understanding my electricity bill

If you're not sure of what the different items on your bill relate to, see below for a full breakdown or watch our quick video guide.

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High Electricity Bill

If your bill is higher than you expected there are a number of reasons why this might be.

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How to submit a meter reading

A separate company, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks provides the services for meter reading. If you miss the meter reader you can submit your meter reading online, provided that it's only been a day or two since they called.

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I received a reminder letter but I've already paid.

If you’ve paid your bill in full or entered into a payment plan within the last seven days the reminder letter may have been posted prior to your payment being received or your plan being set up. Please check the date on your letter. If the date on the letter is before the date you paid you don't need to do anything.

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Can I view my bill online?

You can view your bill online and access lots of other benefits (including savings of up to £60 per year) by registering for our paperless billing service Energy Online.

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How do I get a copy of a previous bill?

You can get in touch with us to request a copy of a previous bill. Please note that there may be a charge for this service. You can also download, save and print bills from the last 2 years using our online billing service Energy Online. Simply log in and click ‘My bills/letters’ to view.

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How is my bill calculated?

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) read all electricity meters four times a year and send the meter readings for our customers to us. When we receive your meter reading we work out how many units of electricity you have used since the last time your meter was read and multiply this figure by the current unit rate for your tariff. Your tariff and current unit rate can be found on Page 2 of your bill.

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How can I tell if my bill is estimated?

If the meter reader is unable to read your meter when they visit we will use an estimated reading to produce your bill. We use your usage history to calculate estimated readings. If your bill is based an estimated reading the letter ‘E’ will be shown on page 2 of your bill in the section entitled ‘This period’s electricity use’.

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Accurate billing with Power NI

Simply get in touch and provide us with an up-to-date reading and your customer account number...

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Can I get a refund?

To request a refund please give us a call on 03457455455. Take a note of your meter reading before you call as you may be asked for this to ensure that your account calculations are correct. This is particularly important if you have received an estimated bill.

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