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Direct Debit

When do you review my Monthly Direct Debit?

Your Monthly Direct Debit is reviewed annually and 6 monthly if it falls within certain parameters.

When we do the review, if we think you're paying too much, or not enough, for the amount of energy you've used and what you're likely to use in the future then we'll adjust your Monthly Direct Debit accordingly.

We'll let you know about this in your statement and give you at least 10 working days’ notice of the change.

A refund will be automatically returned to the bank account the payments are taken from at the annual review point where the balance on the last bill is:

• greater than £50 credit and; 
• the credit balance is more than three times the Direct Debit payment, and the last bill is based on an actual read

Any credit balances of less than £50 are included in the revised monthly calculations.