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How to save money with our best prices & plans

Best electricity deals Northern Ireland

The best electricity prices and deals in Northern Ireland typically include an online account feature as this reduces costs associated with producing and sending paper bills or letters and so suppliers are able to pass savings onto customers. When researching best electricity prices start by looking at online account options first and then check out your preferred payment methods.

Different payment options can impact the price you pay. Direct debit plans normally provide the best electricity prices whereas standard billing plans tend to be more expensive. 

Keypad pay as you go is also a payment option that can offer some of the best electricity deals and many customers like the convenience and control of topping up as and when needed. 

The best electricity plan for you might include more than just the price you pay but also the range of extra benefits available. Our Perks' customer rewards platform offers discounts and cashback deals on big brands, high street and online stores for every customer. With Perks you can save money on everything from groceries to holidays, insurance, fashion or technology. 

To get the best electricity prices and deals, speak to an energy expert in our team who will be able to advise you on the range of plans available to you and provide you with comparative quotes. 

Best electricity supplier for my home

If you’re looking for the best electricity supplier in NI to supply your home then take a moment to  consider everything that is important to you as a customer. Make a short list of questions to ask or information you want to gather in order to make a good assessment of what makes a supplier the best one for you. 

Some things to consider when looking for the best electricity supplier for your home may include:

1.    Variety of options
Look for a variety of payment plans and methods. The best electricity deal for your home may start with how you like to pay and how often you prefer to pay. We have options for monthly and quarterly direct debit as well as Keypad pay as you go. All bill payment plans have the option to receive additional discount for activating Energy Online while Keypad pay as you go customers can benefit from free electricity when they pay online or with the app.  
2.    Customer Service
The best electricity supplier for your home should have an excellent customer service track record. We are delighted to be one of the top rated electricity providers for our customer service in Northern Ireland, why not read some reviews from customers.

3.    Bill accuracy and clarity
Clear, concise, accurate and easy to understand bills are important so that you can easily see what you're paying for, how it’s calculated and your account status. This information also helps you to understand what is the best price when making comparisons between other plans or suppliers.

4.    Overall value for money
Perks, offers, cashback and discounts are a great way to get added value to your electricity bill and  can create the best electricity deal when packaged together. 

5.    Green energy
The best electricity supplier for your home might be one that can supply green energy. Green energy is sustainable for the future being generated from renewable sources which  protects our environment by reducing carbon emission.  If you are interested in ‘doing your bit’ to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet then we could be the best electricity supplier for you.

How do I know if I am getting the best electricity price

To check if you’re getting the best electricity price for your home you can do the following:

  • Look at your current bill or annual statement to find your current unit rate, any discounts applied, your annual average costs and then use this information to help compare the best electricity deal.
  • Check comparison websites, like the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland website or use our online plans and prices tool to review best electricity deals. 
  • Speak to one of our energy experts who will be able to advise you on the best electricity option for your home and provide a comparative quote.

Best electricity supplier a checklist 

We have creed this handy checklist to help you:

  • Excellent customer service and reviews - Are they good at handling complaints, finding solutions and are they easy to contact?
  • Best value for money and pricing - What are their tariffs and options like? Do they suit your household and how you prefer to pay?
  • Perks, deals, incentives, cashback and offers - Do they offer perks which add value to your deal, and are these incentives useful for you? 
  • Green energy offerings - Do they have a part in actively encouraging a more environmentally friendly way of producing electricity? Are they making movements to protect the future generations?
  • Smart and easy to use technology - Does your electricity supplier make things easy? Do you have options to pay your bill online, on apps or offline at your preference?
  • Keypad+ means you can top up straight to your meter and track how much energy you use.
  • Giving back - Do they help society or their customers and communities?