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Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions and the tariff that applies to your supply, form the legally binding contract between you and Power NI Limited.

Terms and conditions

By entering in to this agreement with us, you are also entering into a Connection Agreement with the Network Operator, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks, for connection of your premises to its network. 

Energy Online registration terms and conditions

Your Voice terms and conditions

Default customer scheme

These apply to customers who are taking electricity supplied by us without prior agreement, for example moving into vacant or brand-new premises.

High voltage customers

All customers supplied at more than 650 Volts require to have a site specific Connection Agreement. For more details contact Northern Ireland Electricity Networks at 03457 643 643 or e-mail [email protected].

Account charges

Power NI reserves the right to pass on to customers the following additional charges which are as a result of additional effort and costs are required to manage your account.


All reasonable care has been taken in relation to the accuracy of the information in this website. Power NI do not make any warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data on the site and the data within it.

The user of this website understands that Power NI disclaims any liability for any damages in connection with the use by users of the site and its contents. Power NI accepts no responsibility or liability of any nature arising from either the content of or the use by any party of the site and any information contained therein.