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Pay as you go with Keypad


Keypad is our Pay as You Go option. Here's why it makes sense.

  • Use our handy app to top-up
  • Friendly credit so you don't run out
  • Lots of ways to top up

  • 2.5% discount*
  • FREE electricity with Keypad reward
  • Easy for budgeting

Why choose Keypad?

Take control with our pay as you go Keypad, with lots of easy ways to top up and great features and benefits for you:

Instant savings

Just by being a Keypad customer you’ll get a 2.5% discount* on the electricity you use.

There's no limit to the savings you can make, no matter how much electricity you use. Saving has never been so easy!

*off our standard unit rate

FREE electricity

We reward you just for topping up, something you're going to do anyway.

We give you free electricity if you top up £50 or more in one go using our website or our free app.

On the go top-up

Our FREE app lets you top-up whenever and wherever suits you. It makes the top-up  routine a breeze.

You can store your card details to make topping up even quicker or get your last top-up code if you've lost it.

Simply visit the Apple App store  for Apple devices or if you are using Android, visit Google Play  and search for ‘Power NI’ to start topping up on the go.

Life is about choices

We know that using an app to top up isn't for everyone. We're on your side, so we make sure there are lots of easy ways to top up your account.

  • On our website
  • Any Post Office
  • Any PayPoint outlet
  • By phone (on 03457 455 455)

An elephant never forgets, but humans do!

We're not going to leave you in the dark if you forget to top-up.

Our ‘friendly credit’ means that we’ll continue to supply you, even at less social hours.

  • Between 4pm-8am Monday-Friday (extend the time you have to top up to from 8am to 11am by calling us on 03457 455 455)
  • All day Saturday and Sunday
  • On certain bank holidays

Switch to Keypad

Over 200,000 of our customers choose Keypad, why not join them and make savings on your electricity bill?

New Customer?

Switch now to Power NI Keypad and join our customers making year in, year out savings Switch now

Receive FREE electricity* when you top-up £50 or more via our Keypad App

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