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I have credit on my account why has this not been refunded automatically?

You can request a refund by calling us on the number below.

We want to help you manage your energy costs, so we try to spread your monthly Direct Debit payments evenly throughout the year.

If a statement shows you're in credit that could be due to the season. For example, you may have built up a credit during the summer that you'll need to pay for the extra energy you may use during the winter - that's why we don't issue a refund automatically.

At your annual review:

  • If you've built up more than £50 of credit on your account, we'll refund this to you automatically as long as your most recent bill  was based on an actual meter reading.
  • If you've built up a credit of less than £50 , we'll keep this on your account and use this when calculating your future payments. However, if you'd prefer to have this money back, you can ask us to give you a refund as long as your most recent bill was not estimated. It’s important to know that, if we refund a credit we may increase your monthly payments to make sure you're paying the right amount in the future.

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Direct Debit

What are the Direct Debit options?

There are two options available if you prefer to pay by Direct Debit: Quarterly and Monthly Direct Debit.

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Why has my Direct Debit changed?

We try to average out the amount you're paying each month over a 12 month period. But some things can affect those payments and, if they do, then we'll adjust your Direct Debit accordingly.

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How is my Monthly Direct Debit calculated?

Monthly Direct Debit makes it easier for you to manage your energy bill payments by making equal monthly payments, helping to reduce the stress of paying bills in full as they arrive.

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How do I set up Direct Debit payments?

It only takes a few minutes to set up Direct Debit. Simply call us on 03457 455 455 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm). Remember to have your bank details and account number handy.

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When will my Direct Debit come out of my account?

If you pay by Quarterly Direct Debit your payment will be automatically taken 14 days after the date shown on your bill. If you pay by Monthly Direct Debit your payment will be deducted from your bank account each month on the date of your choice (between 1st and 28th of the month).

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Do I get my bill before my Direct Debit is taken from my account?

If you pay by Quarterly Direct Debit (full bill amount every 3 months) you will receive your bill in advance of your payment being made each quarter. Payment is usually taken 14 days after the date on the bill. If you are paying by Monthly Direct Debit (equal monthly payments) you will receive a bill as usual each quarter but your Direct Debit will be taken out each month. We’ll send you a schedule once a year confirming the monthly payment amount, which we will review after 12 months.

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I don’t have enough in my account to cover my Direct Debit.

If you think you may not have enough in your account to cover the Direct Debit, call us on 03457 455 455 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm) and we’ll be able to provide advice on the options available.

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What if I miss a Direct Debit payment?

If you miss a Direct Debit payment we'll write to you to let you know and request that you make payment within 5 working days in order to remain on Direct Debit. Unfortunately, if you do happen to miss a payment the Direct Debit discount shown on your last bill will be cancelled.

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My Direct Debit payment hasn’t been taken out.

If your Direct debit payment hasn't been taken, please give us a call on 03457 455 455 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm) so that we can look into this for you. If your payment was due on a date which falls on a weekend or a Bank Holiday it will be collected on the next banking day.

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Not received a bill

If you are paying by Quarterly Direct Debit (full bill amount every 3 months) you should receive your bill before any payment is taken from your bank account. Please call us on 03457 455 455 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm) if you have not received your bill.

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