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Direct Debit

What are the Direct Debit options?

There are two options available if you prefer to pay by Direct Debit: Quarterly and Monthly Direct Debit.



Quarterly Direct Debit (Variable)

Monthly Direct Debit (Fixed)


You   pay for what you use each quarter straight from your bank account.

You   pay the same amount each month straight from your bank account.

Payment frequency

Quarterly   - your payment will be taken from your bank account 19 calendar days after   your invoice is produced, or on your preferred payment date. If your preferred   payment date is within 19 days of your invoice date, payment will be taken on   your preferred day the following month.

Monthly   - choose a payment day to suit you between 1st and 28th   of each month

Payment amount

Variable   depending on the energy you've used in the 3 months prior to your bill being   issued.

We look at your historical energy consumption to forecast your costs for the next 12 months. Your set monthly payment amount is reviewed to ensure you're paying
the right amount for what you use and you'll be advised if it needs to change.

Bill or statement

Bill every 3 months

Bill every 3 months

Discount applied




If you pay by Direct Debit you can also activate our online billing service Energy Online. When you switch to online bills you’ll also receive an extra 2% discount (on top of your Direct Debit discount).