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I'm changing to Keypad - when will I get my final bill?

If you're changing from a credit meter (bill pay) to Keypad (pay as you go) you'll receive a final statement from Power NI.

The meter reading taken on the day your Keypad is installed will be used to calculate your balance. We’ll send you a letter informing you of this amount within 4-5 days of your Keypad being installed.

If you pay by Direct Debit we’ll cancel it once your Keypad installation has been completed.

If your account is in debit

If your final statement shows a debit balance you can pay this in full. You also have the option of paying off your final balance through your Keypad. The amount you owe is added on to your Keypad as a balance owing. 40% of future Keypad top-ups will go towards paying this outstanding amount until the account balance is clear (this is called a PC contribution).

If your account is in credit

If your final credit balance is over £50 you'll receive a cheque for this amount or if you previously paid by Direct Debit this amount can be credited to your bank account. If your final credit balance is under £50 you'll receive this as part of a future top-up Powercode.

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I've lost my Keypad powercode.

If you’ve lost your Powercode and haven’t yet typed it into your Keypad you can find it using our website or app.

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Can I top up without my Power NI Keypad card?

You can still make top-ups without your Keypad card, as long as you have your 19 digit premise number.

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I need a new Keypad card.

If you've lost your Keypad card, don't worry. Simply call us on 03457 455 455 and we'll send you out a new card.

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My top-up code is being rejected

If your Keypad Powercode is not being accepted, firstly check that you are pressing the "*" button, followed by your 20-digit code then the "#" button.

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I’ve bought electric with the wrong Keypad card – what do I do?

If the card you have used belongs to a family member, close friend or landlord you should sell the top-up code to them and then purchase a new code for yourself using the correct Keypad card. If you don't know whose card or premise number you have used please contact us on 03457 455 455.

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I topped up but the full amount has not been added to my Keypad.

If there is any outstanding balance on your account, a percentage of each top-up you buy goes towards reducing this until it is cleared (this is called a PC Contribution).

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What does PC Contribution mean?

PC contribution stands for ‘Previous Charge’ Contribution. You’ll see this on your top-up receipts if part of your top-up is going towards an outstanding balance on your account.

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