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How do I top up?

1. Buy your top-up

There are a number of ways you can buy a Keypad top-up:

  • On our website or using our app
  • At any PayPoint or Post Office outlet

Find your local PayPoint or Post Office.

  • Over the phone

Call 03457455455 and press ‘1’ for Keypad top-up.

You’ll need to have your card details and your 19 digit premise number handy when you’re topping up. Your 19 digit premise number can be found on your Keypad card.

Power NI Keypad Card

2. You’ll get a 20-digit code (your Powercode) to type into your Keypad.

3. Enter your Powercode.

Press the ‘*’ button and then the 20-digit number. If you make a mistake press the ‘*’ button to delete each keystroke and then enter the rest of the code. Press the ‘#’ button to finish. A confirmation message will be displayed.