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Why are NIE Networks still reading my meter if I'm a Power NI customer?

Power NI and NIE Networks are separate organisations. Power NI is an electricity supplier, whereas Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) own the electricity transmission and distribution network and read meters on behalf of all electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland.

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I think I have a faulty meter.

If you are concerned your meter is not working properly then please give us a call on 03457 455 455.

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What if I miss the meter reader?

If you miss the meter reader the meter reader from NIE Networks will generally leave a card to advise you that they have called at your property and how you can go about providing a reading.

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How do I read my meter?

Follow our guide on how to read your Power NI electricity meter and provide this meter read to us.

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How often is my meter read?

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) will read your meter once a quarter (every 3 months).

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How do I read my dual meter for Economy 7 or EV Nightshift tariff?

There are a few different types of meter. To help you with reading your meter please find your correct meter type below.

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How do I know if I have a dual rate meter?

If you are asked to enter two, or more, meter readings this means you have a dual rate meter. This means you are on a tariff with different rates throughout the day, such as Economy 7 or EV Nightshift

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