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What EV tariffs are available?

Customers can choose between two tariffs EV Anytime or EV Nightshift to charge their cars.


EV Anytime is a single-rate tariff with a standing charge. This means you pay the same unit rate all day and a standing charge that is billed quarterly. EV Anytime is available for all payment methods. 


EV Nightshift tariff is an off-peak tariff with a standing charge, which is billed quarterly. There are two different unit rates, one for day-time use and one for night-time use, which is cheaper (see off-peak rate times below). EV Nightshift is available for credit payment methods only. 


The off-peak rate times for EV Nightshift are: 

  • Winter - 1am to 8am  
  • Summer - 2am to 9am 


To take full advantage of the EV Nightshift tariff you should charge during the off-peak hours as much as possible. However, this doesn't mean you have to be up at 1am. The best way to charge during off-peak hours is with a smart EV charger, that allows you to schedule when your car starts and stops charging. As well as this method, some models of electric vehicle have on-board charge scheduling, allowing you to set the time when the car will charge without a smart charger. 


These tariffs are designed to suit different EV owners’ individual EV driving, model range and charging habits. 


Tariff availability:


  EV Anytime EV Nightshift
Keypad Meter Yes No
Standard Meter Yes No
Dual-rate Meter No Yes