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How do I estimate my next bill?

Our online billing service Energy Online has a handy bill calculator feature which you can use to estimate how much electricity you’ve used to date. If you have not activated Energy Online register here.

If you receive bills by post you can calculate your electricity costs by:

1. Taking your current meter reading and subtracting the previous meter reading (find this on your last bill) to find out how many units you have used.

2. Next multiply the units used by the current unit rate for your tariff (find your unit rate).

3. Add VAT at 5%.

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Why did you introduce a new bill design?

We're always listening to our customers and staff on ways we can improve the service Power NI provides. We've taken feedback from research to produce a new and improved bill, with enhanced features to make it simpler and easier to understand.

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Can I still pay my bill the same way?

Yes, you can still continue to pay your bills in the same way. Non-Direct Debit customers' bills have a section displayed on their billed called ‘ways to pay’ which clearly outlines the payment options for paying your bill. The quickest and easiest way to pay bills is by logging into Energy Online, Power NI’s online billing platform. Simply visit At any bank, Post Office or PayPoint outlet. Customers should be aware that some banks charge for this service and only bills to the value of £999.99 can be processed at Post Office counters Easysaver and Budget Payment customers can still continue to make payments using their existing cards Customers can also use the prepaid envelope enclosed with bills over £10. Please remember not to send cash in the post

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Will my Direct Debit amount be deducted as normal from my account?

Yes, there will be no changes to current arrangements.

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Where is the Giro slip?

You’ll find your Giro payment slip at the back of your bill. You can bring this to any bank, Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

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I’ve just received my bill. It looks different than normal- is it legitimate?

Yes, we've refreshed how our bills look. Your bill contains all the same information as before with a number of new and improved features.

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What are the new features of the domestic bill?

In addition to the enhancements, your new bill contains the same information but displayed in an easier to read and follow format. Some of the improved and new features you will find include: meter read label – this tells you if your bill is based on an estimated or actual read visible billing period- dates your billing period covers clear display of how bill is calculated – including balance before this bill Account balance – balance at this time payment date – outline of when payment date is due visible bar chart showing your average daily use, ways to pay section – provides all payment options a handy ‘Good to know’ section with useful information and numbers

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Understanding my electricity bill

If you're not sure of what the different items on your bill relate to, see below for a full breakdown or watch our quick video guide.

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I received a reminder letter but I've already paid.

If you’ve paid your bill in full or entered into a payment plan within the last seven days the reminder letter may have been posted prior to your payment being received or your plan being set up. If you’ve pad your bill by cheque this can take up to 14 days from the day you posted the cheque to be credited to your account.

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My bill is higher than usual

If your bill is higher than you expected there are a number of reasons why this might be.

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How to reduce electricity bill - Power NI

You can reduce your bills by changing plan, taking a look at our energy saving tips or you can use our home energy check which will provide you with a list of personalised recommendations to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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