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We are updating our prices for domestic customers from 1st July 2021. Questions and answers about this price change can be found below.

What is the price change?

It is an increase of 6.9% which will mean 76p a week more for the average customer.

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Why are pricing increasing?

We’re sorry to have to increase prices – but unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of world fuel prices and we’ve seen steady increase in wholesale energy costs since the start of this year. We’ve held off as long as we could, but Power NI customers won’t see this price increase until July this year. We...

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What does the Power NI price change mean for Keypad customers?

From 15th June when customers purchase a top-up from this date, they will be issued with a special 40-60 digit code to put into the keypad meter. Credit on the meter will change to the new rate on 1st July but not before.

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When will the price change happen?

The new rate will be effective from 1st July 2021.

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How do I find out more about this price change?

For more information about this recent change to rates, visit

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How will you be informing customers about the price change?

We will be writing to all our postal customers and sending emails to our Energy Online customers, giving them 21 working days’ notice of the price change.

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What is Power NI doing to help customers who may have difficulty in paying their energy bills?

We support our customers who are struggling to pay on an individual basis and will continue to do so. We'd like to reassure any of our customers there is no cause to worry if they are struggling to pay, and that we will work with them to find a solution that fits their individual needs. If your st...

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How do Power NI prices compare to other household electricity suppliers?

Because we were able to cut prices last year, even after this increase, Power NI prices will be back to what they were in 2019 (real prices/inflation adjusted); amongst the cheapest here in NI (outside of contract) and cheaper than prices in the Republic; GB and across Europe.

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What has Power NI done to help customers through Covid-19?

Since the outset of the pandemic, Power NI has been working with and helping customers who have been financially impacted by Covid-19. Power NI has donated over £120k to around 70 charity partners and community groups across Northern Ireland to help customers who have been impacted financially or o...

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I’m moving home, what do I need to do?

If you have moved or in the process of doing so, it is important to register your property, so your account details are correct with us. You can do this online by completing the moving home form.

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