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Billing FAQs

What costs make up my electricity bill?

Each household and every bill is different, however there are key similarities and patterns in energy consumption. Understanding these can help reduce your bill.

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What is 'fuel mix'?

Electricity suppliers are required to provide their customers with information about which fuels are used to generate the electricity they use. This information, which is called the fuel mix, will appear as a summary table with electricity bills.

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I'm struggling to pay my bill - what should I do?

Call our Payment & Accounts Resolution Team on 028 9068 5853 or send an email to [email protected] including your account number.

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I have received a letter from your Payment & Account Resolutions Team, what does this mean?

The Payment and Account Resolutions Team are part of the Power NI Finance Team. Please don’t ignore the letter you have received, and make contact via telephone or email as outlined in your letter.

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When should I call the Payment & Account Resolutions Team?

Here's when you should call the payment resolutions team.

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Should I ignore a letter, SMS, call or email from the Payment & Accounts Team?

No, the team are trying to contact you to give you an update on your account with Power NI. The sooner we speak to you, the sooner we can help you with your account, or overdue balance.

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